Create Backing Track from MP3 with New Key and Tempo!

Quick Transposed Backing Track

Do you need a backing track for a class performance, karaoke or wedding?

This technique lets you import a YouTube video or an mp3 audio file, and export a finished backing track!

In this tutorial I am using AI to remove the vocals from the background, transpose the song, change the tempo and export the backing track as a new WAV file.

YouTube player
Creating a Backing Track from “Foxistance” by Dayfox

We’re using ScoreCloud Songwriter, importing the YouTube video or audio file, and using the automatic vocal source separation to get the accompaniment backing track. You will also get an automatic lead sheet with melody, lyrics and chords. This works best for songs with clear vocal sounds, but you can try any song!

Here’s how to make a backing track from an audio file:

  1. Import the YouTube video or audio file into ScoreCloud Songwriter
  2. Listen to just the accompaniment recording
  3. Transpose and/or change tempo
  4. If tempo was changed, enable Linear Timing
  5. Process audio
  6. Remove default effects
  7. Export backing track as MP3 or WAV

And that’s it!

Using ScoreCloud Songwriter really helps the process of making a lead sheet, chord chart, lyrics sheet or backing track. For notation, it works best for songs with acoustic instruments, single vocals and not too much effects, but this method is used by a wide range of musicians for many different styles!