How to Get Chords from a Recording – Creating a Chord Sheet

Get Chords from Recording

If you need a Chord Sheet for yourself, your students or a band, here is how to create one in just a few minutes!

Using this method, you will get an automatic chord transcription that you can edit, as well as change the key and tempo.

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Music by Mark J Bradlyn

To get the chords, we’re using the program ScoreCloud Songwriter to import an audio file and get an automatic lead sheet with melody, lyrics and chords.

Here’s how to get the chords of your songs:

  1. Import the audio file into ScoreCloud Songwriter
  2. Listen to the results and tweak if necessary
  3. Transpose or change tempo
  4. Choose what to display: Melody Notation, Lyrics, Chord Symbols, Guitar Diagrams, Accompaniment Notation
  5. Share or Print your sheet

And that’s it!

Using ScoreCloud Songwriter really helps the process of making a chord chart, lead sheet or lyrics sheet. It works best for songs with acoustic instruments, single vocals and not too much effects, but this method is used by a wide range of musicians for many different styles!