Share your work

Sharing comes to sheet music

Share your music

If you want to keep your music to yourself, you can! But if you play in a band, sing in a choir, or just want input from other musicians, you can easily choose what to share.

Have you been using Dropbox to distribute sheet music? So have we! But you can’t listen to the music, and as a teacher or band leader, keeping track of versions can be a real headache.

Yet another cloud storage?

No, this is a full concept. Built for music, by musicians.

When you share your music in ScoreCloud, your recipients can instantly listen to the piece in the browser. When you edit an arrangement in ScoreCloud Studio, the changes are visible on all devices.

If you’re a band looking for music to play, or a songwriter longing to get your songs sung, we want to create a hub to bring you together. A place where you can find inspiration, comment on others and get feedback on your creation.

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