ScoreCloud Studio

The most Intelligent Music Notation Software

Sing or play to turn your songs into sheet music. As simple as that!

✓ Score from Single Instrument Audio or MIDI

✓ Add More Voices by Playing or Writing

✓ Edit and Arrange into a Finished Score

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ScoreCloud Songwriter

Sing and Play straight to Lead Sheet

Sing and play into a single mic to get a lead sheet, with lyrics & chords!

✓ Automatic Lead Sheet from Audio

✓ Record or Import from MP3 or YouTube

✓ Change Backing Style or Export Karaoke Track

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“Like Google Translate for Music”

Music notation software ideal for musicians, students, teachers, choirs and bands as well as composers and arrangers.

Automatic Lead Sheets with ScoreCloud Songwriter

ScoreCloud Songwriter

ScoreCloud Songwriter takes recordings of voice and instruments and turns it into Lead Sheets, with melody, lyrics and chords.

Originally made for singer-songwriters, but we have seen it used by guitarists to get chords from mp3s, teachers making sheets for class, vocalists creating piano sheets for auditions and much more.

ScoreCloud Songwriter has a 10 day free trial.

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Notation from Audio and MIDI with ScoreCloud Studio

ScoreCloud Studio

In ScoreCloud Studio you write and arrange music by playing into notation, using Audio or MIDI. You can overdub recordings, or write manually, to create arrangements for bands, choirs and ensembles.

The program is very powerful and there are many editing options for you to find your favorite way of reaching the result you want.

ScoreCloud Studio can be used for free up to 10 saved songs. More songs and some advanced features requires an upgrade.

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Notation from singing with ScoreCloud Express

ScoreCloud Express

The ScoreCloud Express app for iPhone & iPad lets you notate your ideas wherever you are, by Sing, whistle or hum a melody or baseline into the app and get the notation.

The songs are of course synced to your ScoreCloud account so that you can expand on your ideas later in ScoreCloud Studio.

ScoreCloud Express has an upfront fee and can then be used up to 10 saved songs.

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Featured Sheet Music

ScoreCloud Music Notation Software - Plans


Create sheet music for free

Sheet music from playing.
Sync across all devices.
Intuitive editing.


$4.99 / month

Serious about your music

No print watermark.
Unlimited songs.
More import & export.


$10.99 / month

Sing and play at the same time

Automatic lead sheets.
Sing and play.
Import from YouTube.


$19.99 / month

For the professionals

Local saving.
Batch MIDI analysis.
All import & export formats.

ScoreCloud Studio

  • Windows & Mac
  • Audio and MIDI transcription
  • Powerful editing
  • Multiple output formats
  • Sync across devices

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ScoreCloud Express

  • iPhone and iPad
  • Audio transcription
  • Basic editing
  • Sync across devices
  • Anywhere, anytime

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ScoreCloud Songwriter

  • Windows & Mac
  • Vocal+instrument transcription
  • Synced audio & MIDI
  • Powerful editing
  • Print and share

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